I have relied on Thilo’s services in maintaining my RV for the past seven or eight years. Thilo is an exceptional perfectionist in his field of expertise and I could not be happier with the level of service he has provided me with during this time. His experience and personal attention to detail has made Thilo my only choice when it comes to my RV and I will without any hesitation recommend him to anyone who may need his services. I wish Thilo the best of luck with the future of his business and career and I look forward to the use of his services  for many more years to come.

Carlos L.
Owner- Gardena Nissan


Thilo Young is our preferred RV service provider and has been for over 20 years.  As lifetime RV’ers for some 50 years and full-timers for over 5 years, Thilo’s advanced knowledge and mechanical skills of the many operating systems found in RV’s of every type is second to none.  His “can-do” attitude towards RV repairs is refreshing in these times of chain RV stores/shops that just pull and replace whole components, rather than having the attitude and skill sets to diagnose the problem and simply fix the item that it broke or malfunctioning.

Thilo’s 30 plus years of experience in the RV repair industry is invaluable when it come to working on your RV, he has seen it all and he does not have to waste your time and money learning how to repair your RV, he already knows the best and most inexpensive way to handle your unit’s repair.

Thilo’s integrity and honesty is his trademark, he will never try to sell you a product or repair that is unnecessary.  He always explains the situation and advises his customers on the “best” way to handle the task at hand.

We have been referring customers to Thilo for years and have never had one of our referrals come back to us and complain about the service or bill they received from him.

We have always owned classic RV’s and they require advance knowledge when it comes to locating parts and working on them. Thilo has never left us stranded and has always been able to resolve our RV repair issues.

We highly recommend Thilo Young to any RV owner that needs a trustworthy RV mechanic, whether it’s for routine preventive maintenance or the most complicated and advance repairs.

Semper Fi,
Dennis and Cheryl DeNoi

Note: Our 1983 Apollo Sceptre was featured in the June 2012 issue of MotorHome Magazine: motorhome.com/top-stories/sceptre-rv-stands-the-test-of-time/

Thilo has done a wonderful job for us and our friends over the years, particularly on our 1985 Lance Camper.

Niel Nielson & John Avery
Owners – Engine Dynamics

Thilo has been working on our motorhomes for over twenty years.    He is extremely knowledgeable and analytical about all parts of servicing and maintaining motorhomes.

Thilo has always been cost conscious and has a great “bedside manner.”    There is no one else we would consider to work on our motorhome.

Roger & Arlene Craig
Owner- Professional Expediting Methods, Inc.


I have been using Thilo for my RV repairs for about 15 years now. He has always repaired my RVs and trailers with the upmost competence and professionalism. I can always rely on his expertise to do the job right. Thilo is always honest and fixes my vehicles at a fair price. He has proved to me that he will always be my “go-to-guy” with any and all repairs.

Jerry Laidlaw
Owner- Laidlaws Harley Davidson

He again serviced our 95 Journey at our storage yard. He has serviced our previous RV and this one for at least 19 years. He didn’t oversell us but worked fairly with us to find the necessary repair at a reasonable price. He was prompt  to return phone messages (a pet peeve with service people) and, as usual, completed the service quickly and properly. I would recommend him for competence, promptness and reliability for on site repairs.

Marc Trummel
Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratories.

For years Thilo has been my go to guy for RV repairs, service or questions. He has been in the industry for so long, I truly don’t think there is a problem he cannot fix. I purchased a 2002 Fleetwood Gearbox fifth wheel toyhauler that had been neglected for years. Thilo assisted me with all of the necessary repairs to get the trailer fully functional. I would definitely recommend Thilo when it comes to RV repair.

John Fraijo
Irwindale PD

First off, Thilo came to my RV, I didn’t have to take it to him and that was huge.  Second, I had no idea what I had gotten into when I purchased an RV.  Thilo was able to diagnose the problem the first day, came back the second day with all the parts needed and the problem was gone.

He also instructed me on some things about the RV that I did not know and referred me to cleaners, sanitizers, etc that he said would help the problem. He has also been very accessible for answering questions via text. It is almost like having a next door neighbor that knows all about RV’s.  I almost didn’t call Thilo because he only had a couple of reviews but I am really glad I did.

Andy Grinstead

I recently purchased a 2001 Allegro Bus and like most used RV’s they need a little TLC. Well I was referred to Thilo by another RV repairman that was busy and it turned out to be exactly what the Allegro Bus needed. Some of the work included a complete overhaul of my coach battery bank which brought it up to a newer coach’s safety standards, one leveling jack replacement, two leveling jack spring replacement, and the most impressive is the solar system installation that keeps the coaches batteries charged. As an example of his work ethic, Thilo observed a flaw in the space design behind my refrigerator while running wires for the solar system. The open space didn’t allow the air to properly circulate through the coils on the back of the fridge. This was fixed and solved with a quick trip to Home Depot and the purchase of a $20 roll of installation and spray adhesive. His prices are fair and reasonable. I would use his services again if needed.

Rob Anderson
Detective, Pomona PD