Plumbing Services

Pressure side plumbing and fixture repair/replacement and Drain side plumbing repair and waste system repair/replacement.

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Electrical Services

12V and 120V electrical repair and system design and implementations and appliance repair, installation and service.

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Repair & Replacement

Trailer brake and running gear repair and service, towing system installation and repairs, roof seal/vent replacement, awning repair and fabric replacement, fabrications and more.

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I have relied on Thilo’s services in maintaining my RV for the past seven or eight years. Thilo is an exceptional perfectionist in his field of expertise and I could not be happier with the level of service he has provided me with during this time. His experience and personal attention to detail has made Thilo my only choice when it comes to my RV and I will without any hesitation recommend him to anyone who may need his services. I wish Thilo the best of luck with the future of his business and career and I look forward to the use of his services for many more years to come.

Carlos L.
Owner- Gardena Nissan

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