Service Call Rates

In an attempt not only to provide a more convenient service, but also a more professional expert repair at a price which is lower in many cases than most repair facilities, I begun with a service call fee of $50, and an hourly rate of $75 (average shop rate is $100+). This fee is for the trip out (usually two trips) and charges no labor time for travel at all. It is only to offset vehicle expenses. Most mobile services do charge for travel time plus mileage. I will not do that. I will keep a flat rate fee which is well below standard prices.

Setting aside the time and difficulty in having two people drop an RV off at the shop, the obvious fuel costs are near that amount for most people, so most customers love this service. It represents an overall product which saves literally hours of time and fuel and maintains a labor rate well below most shops.

However, after one year I have looked at my books and this fee almost exactly matched my fuel costs. Not tires, maintenance, repairs, insurance or anything else.

I will try a modest increase of this fee (from $50 to $60) for a while and see if this will be sufficient to cover expenses. Hopefully this will suffice to cover basic vehicle expenses.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

Thilo Young.