Free advice.

The following is an actual email exchange with a potential new customer- one I am glad to say will have to wait to become an actual customer. This is what I believe service businesses should sound like.

“Hi Thilo,
I have a 2005 Fleetwood Southwind. Bought it in August up in (deleted). Now we are staying near you at the East Shore RV Park until Tuesday or Wednesday.
While hooked up to the city water I noticed water overflowing from the right side fresh water filling connection. Looked all over for the fresh water quick drain valve. No luck. So I turned off the city water and started using the tank water so the level could go down until I found the problem. I checked all the valves and faucets. Can’t figure out why the tank filled up on it’s own.
Now I hear the water pump come on for a half second every minute or so.
Last week I noticed a slight leak from a hose in left side utility compartment. I reached in and tightened the fittings. Seemed to worked. Related?
Can you please advise and come take a look? I saw your great reviews posted on your website and they make me feel confident in contacting you.
Tim X”

“Sure. I am open Monday some time late morning to early afternoon. It’s probably a bad pump head (very unlikely) or the valve to fill the fresh tank from city connection is failing or not fully shut off (most likely). Check that valve and turn it on and off once first. That well may solve the problem. Let me know what you find.
Thilo. ”

“Good Morning Thilo,
You were right. The filling valve for the fresh water tank in the utility compartment was not closed all the way. I had only lined up the valve handle to the marks instead of turning it till it actually stopped.
And I found the drain valve for the tank. It was just too obvious or easy for my mind. Ha Ha. I tend to over think things.
So I turned the city water back on and I’ll keep looking to see if the tank fills up. It shouldn’t now.
I won’t need you to come by tomorrow but I will keep your info handy.
Thanks again for your advice and have a great day!

“You can test it by turning on the pump, shutting off the city water, and when the pump shuts off automatically turn the switch off. In about fifteen minutes turn the switch on and if the pump didn’t run you didn’t lose pressure. I always hope to save my customers money and assist when I can. My philosophy is that when they encounter what they can’t fix I will be the one they call. Feel free to call or email any time you need tech help. Glad that solved it!

“Many thanks. I’ll do that test.
I really like your philosophy.
Warm regards,