Extended Warranty

One issue I’ve seen over the years that happens all too often is a misunderstanding of extended warranty policies. Unfortunately this usually comes from salesmen being less than honest or even outright dishonest. They often say “bumper to bumper”.

Well, the bumpers are never covered.

On each policy it is stated which items are covered, and if the failed part is not on the list it is NOT covered. An example: “Plumbing- fittings, fixtures, tanks,…” but not the pipes themselves. If a fracture is in the pipe and not  fitting it usually isn’t covered.

Sometimes it is all about what your service manager or claim submission says, what words are used. A knowledgeable service writer will read the contract and make sure to word it so as to get it covered.

Another issue is fine print in some cases. Some warranties cover the repair of the failed part but NOT accessing the part. I had one repair years ago where we had to replace a hydraulic ram for a slideout. We had to remove the room. They did not cover the 14 hours to remove and reinstall the room, but only the two hours to change the ram. This is unusual and a bad policy.

A couple of companies I have worked with which have been pretty good over the years are Western General and Good Sam. I’m sure there may be others but I can’t recommend them off hand.

Another unknown to many is that you can cancel at ANY TIME. They MUST refund you the unused portion of the policy. So you’re not stuck with a bad one that you thought was good. If, say, you got it three months ago and it is a five year policy, you will get almost a total refund.

One last thing: if you buy a new vehicle and get a “five year policy”, that is in fact for all intents and purposes a four year policy. Year one is already covered by the manufacturer.

Hope this helps!