Basic model

After one year in business I’m seeing pretty much what I expected: slow steady growth and new customers becoming permanent customers.

I know my model isn’t the most brilliant or innovative, but I believe it to be simply right: offer something unique and treat people according to how you would want to be treated.

By offering a lower labor rate (approximately 25-30% lower than most shops) for a superior service (when I managed a shop customers paid significantly more for my employees and rarely had me do the work personally) and being prompt and efficient, by explaining my work and findings, by being transparent and inviting customers to watch me work as I explain things along the way, by helping ALL callers and emailers to do their own work with my advice to help them whenever I can, and probably most importantly living a modest life so as to avoid the pitfalls of greed (the root of overcharges and oversells), I am glad to report that honesty and decency still works in this society!

Thanks to all my customers for supporting this model and moving this endeavor along to a growing small business, which has always been the backbone of this country.

Gratefully, Thilo Young.